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Residential Installations


Before beginning the quotation process we will need several pieces of information. We will require some knowledge of your needs and desires for your project, as well as giving you an understanding of our product line. This will aid you in choosing which of our products best suits your job. Our website will help teach you about our products, but in order to quote accurately, an on-site visit is crucial. There are 3 types of installation - new construction, retrofit (insert), or full frame tear-out: each has an attendant cost.

One of our experienced estimators will measure and inspect your current windows to decide if they need to be repaired, fully replaced, or retrofitted.


Our office will provide you with exact descriptions, size, number, and price for the windows required for your project. Our quotes are detailed and competitive with no hidden fees or charges.


Once our team determines what type of installation you need and you have agreed to proceed, we'll schedule an installation appointment. This lead time can vary, depending on the time of year, availability of custom sizes, manufacturer's lead time, and weather.


Our installers need a clean, empty room to do their job, so prior to our team's arrival it's best to remove any furniture, TVs, and other fixtures from the area, and take off curtains and blinds if necessary. Contrary to popular belief, your home is never "left open to the elements" for even a short period of time. Windows are generally done one at a time and our crack team of installers know how to get the job done with minimal disruption to your household.

Clean Up and Follow Up

At Thermal King, we know our reputation follows us, so customer service is paramount. Our installers leave a clean and tidy work site whenever possible, and our office will follow up to ensure the work is done to your satisfaction.